About my way to use a "pinhole".

At the beginning it was only a joke.
I was printing some B&W photographies and i tried an experiment
with a coffee can and a thin aluminium foil.
I felt myself fascinated with my pinhole can.
After few pics i discovered it was a "way to spread time" on the paper .
So i built a bigger box and i began to go around the sorrounding of my house to catch "the time".
I thought it was important to have a very simple box, iíve not cartridges and
I can do only one pic each trip i do.
Iím not always successful, (i know it).
Anyway i look at these pics in this way:
"time spread on the paper".
I look for "the time on the paper": the water with lines drawn by "the stream-carried leaves",
spots on the trees due to the wind on leaves and so on .
Thasís all.


Haiku: "there is a purpose
for the winter wind
the sound of the sea"